Thursday, 21 June 2018

18 in 18

We're about half way through the year so I thought I would do a little re-cap on my 18 in 18. Always good to reflect and regroup. Maybe make a plan of action to actually "complete" all of the 18 challenges.
So let me re-cap where things have been successful and where I have fallen short...

1. Complete one home renovation project (removed a closet in the basement, much roomier down there now)
2. Double cook - I have been doing a little better, Have a planner now and try to plan ahead so I don't get caught throwing out groceries because I've been out a lot
3. Visit family or friends - I've been averaging at least one visit a month. Have sent out a few more cards too
4. Revisit old hobbies - FAIL! But I have got rid of my folk art supplies so I can focus on other things like stained glass
5. Use essential oils more - still trying to learn more about this
6. Read 30 minutes a day - Reading newspaper more but still stuck on the ipad and Netflix
7. Buy a refrigerator - Nope, old house, nothing fits. Not doing so well so far, am I?
8. Make more breads. FAIL! And now its summer, too hot to put the oven on.
9. Make a homemade light box. FAIL!
10. Complete Disney album - FAIL! Not a single page
11. Enter 4 challenges a month - BIG FAIL! Always seem to have some other projects, mostly cards that I want to make that I've seen on the Internet
12. Work on Heritage Album - NOPE, but I feel the pull to start this one getting stronger
13, Make one new recipe - WIN! I'm really good at this one. Try this cinnamon roll cake. It's delish!
14, Download photos from phone and ipad - I did some from my phone with the help of a friend but I'm still not comfortable with this.
15.  Drink more water. I'm pretty good at this but Diet Pepsi is my guilty pleasure. I eliminated it completely then it started to creep back in. Now I'm trying to stay with the sparkling waters when I need a pop fix.
16. Use the Silhouette to cut and print. I have not done that but I DID use my Silhouette once this year, does that count?
17. 100 blog posts - REALLY? Who came up with this one? I'm at 27, I have a ways to go.

18. Read 40 books - Currently at 10.  I can't say enough about this book. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  I loved, loved, loved it on many levels. It's a book that I would add to my personal library and I'm very selective how many books I keep preferring to use the Public Library. So I'm not near my goal but I read a lot more in the summer and I have a big list that I am hoping to get to.

So that's it. Still some work to do but the year is young.

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