Monday, 4 November 2013

13 in 13 October Update

Where is the year going? It's flying by and I'm not keeping up with my targets but I'm having fun and accomplishing other things.
So how did I do? I managed to use the Cricut this weekend to do some lettering on a layout. I think? I signed up for Pinterest, more on that later. I missed my monthly From the Heart Challenge but I am working on a few cards. I completed 12 cards for a Card Swap, all of the same design but I haven't mailed a single one.
There are leaves to rake and dogs to walk and houses to clean. Sigh! But that's life.

On another note, here are two of Lindor's boys, one from the E litter and one from the K litter. Both working towards making life a little easier for their human companions.

                             Beautiful Elvis has become a Skilled Companion Service  Dog for PTSD.
Here Koby is learning to "visit" and work on other skills to also become a Skilled Companion Service Dog. They are beautiful and intelligent animals. Love the LABS!