Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Twelve Days old

The pups are getting bigger everyday. Mom is working really hard trying to produce enough milk by eating over 12 cups of kibble a day. For the first 3 weeks, they will be totally dependent on her.
Six pups in the tub

                                    Nine pups in the tub. You can see its getting a little crowded.

I have put Ric-Rac on the pups to tell them apart so I can make sure that everyone is gaining weight and doing well.

On Sunday, (Day 11), I saw the first glimmer of light in one of the pups eyes. On Monday, a few more spots of light were visible. In the next few days, there eyes should be completely open although it will be a week or more before they see clearly. They are also trying out their walking legs and trying to stand and toddle around. The smallest pups are usually better at this in the beginning.
That's the latest.