Tuesday, 19 April 2016

NOW, it's spring!

After that last blast of winter at the beginning of April, we are now experiencing summer-like temperatures. It's been very pleasant and nice to get outside finally.

I love the spring plants that crop up all over the yard. Its amazing considering how much wear and tear the yard gets and especially the amount of shade. I guess these plants bloom early so they can avoid those detractors. I call these ones bluebells but I don't think that's really their name as I don't live in Texas.

Protected by the tree from the thunder of many pawprints, these Woodland violets manage to survive from year to year....
I have been making a lot of cards and participated in a Card Swap but I haven't gotten around to taking pics of them all yet. I scraplifted this style of card from the Internet and thought it would make a nice Mother's day card.  I have a thing for butterflies lately.