Monday, 30 April 2012

A new challenge

Now that Lindor is back to her old pesky self; I have to find her something to keep her occupied and challenged. Labs love to work and Lindor is no exception. She can retrieve really well but I'm thinking of putting her in some fun obedience or rally events. If she tries really hard she can remember back to her lessons when she also went to puppy class once a week. LOL.

So I set up a jump in the backyard. Note the high end materials used to make it.

Wait you're supposed to go OVER, not around. She actually did pretty well. She would stand on her head if you offered her a piece of dry kibble.
Maya on the other hand is another story....

She would do anything to AVOID doing any work.

It will be interesting to see how we do. Probably in the Fall. Right now there is lots of work that still needs to be done to pull off our Scrapbooking Crop.