Monday, 2 May 2016

Our "somewhat" annual golf tourament

Since the whole family likes to golf we try to get together every year around Dad's birthday to celebrate and do something that we all enjoy. We even have a trophy and if you're the lucky winner, you get your name engraved and placed on it for the year.
I was in charge of prizes and I thought I did pretty well considering the ages ranged from 12 to 85. We have prizes for the whitest legs, best hair, tallest socks and we even throw in a few legit ones like least putts in a round, longest drive etc.
Even though I thought I did not too badly for my first time out this year, this is where my ball ended up on about the 8th hole..
Definitely NOT playable!
The coolest thing was the new golf boards. We rented one and the youngest had a BLAST wheeling it around the course....

It felt very futuristic, what a great idea especially for the kids. You lean to the right or left to help steer it along.
It also provides a dry place to sit while you're waiting. I think this will catch on like gangbusters with the younger generation.
All in all, even though it could have been a little warmer, we had a fun afternoon.