Friday, 8 February 2013

K pups one year old TODAY!

One year ago today, I was helping 9 little black furbabies make their entrance into the world in my family room. NSD Lindor,a chocolate lab and Vito, a yellow lab from the Lions were mated to produce 6 black males and 3 black females. Three of the puppies went to Guide Dogs and the remaining 6 entered the NSD puppy program as the K litter.
Our fund-raising efforts sponsored and named 3 males; Kingsley, Krosby and Kasper and 1 female; Khloe. The other male and female are named Koko and Kobe.


Around 6 weeks old.
Aren't they beautiful puppies?

Kingsley (now)
I just got this photo of Kingsley from his puppy raiser. Isn't he gorgeous?  I'm glad they are all doing well and wish them a Happy 1st Birthday!