Sunday, 28 September 2014


In the spring and fall, Danes in Distress host Daneathons on a private property just outside of Breslau. It's a large acreage with some ponds, well set back from any road so these magnificent animals can stretch their great long legs and play with others their own size. I was able to sneak in a smaller doggie version (Maya) and we had a pleasant walk with the big guys.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get their photos to re-size so you'll have to go to their website to see these gentle giants cavorting. I was able to get a couple photos of the boys with Morgan, the world's tallest living female dog. She's in the Guiness Book of World Records. What a sweetheart!

Unfortunately. a lot of people get these adorable dogs as puppies without doing proper research into their medical issues and taking into account the high cost of vet care, not to mention dog chow. It's a good thing there are organizations like Danes in Distress that are knowledgeable and passionate about this breed and work diligently to educate and re-home these gentle giants.