Sunday, 4 March 2012

Three Weeks, Four Days old

The puppies have been moved to their luxury accomodation but just for the afternoon.
It has a large play area and separate sleeping quarters that can be partitioned off. The problem is, Lindor still has to get in while making sure that the puppies don't get out. For now, they haven't figured out how to climb out so I can leave the little door open so Momma Lindor can get in and out. For the time being, they will sleep upstairs where we both can keep a close eye on them and its a bit warmer.

This is the first time, I have allowed visitors in with them. Everybody knows my rules. I'm very strict about wearing clean clothes, no outdoor shoes and hand sanitizing. While everyone wants to see the pups, they're still young and vulnerable and Mom still needs her rest so visitors are kept to a minimum. My friend Kathy's 2 girls have always helped me when I picked out my Big Girls and have attended many NSD events with me. Kate and Claire are very careful and gentle with my precious pups. In a week or two, everyone will be able to accomodate more traffic.

The pups just get the "walk-by" nursing now. The little rascals are getting teeth so Mom doesn't linger in the pen.
Meet Sunny! That's just his assumed name for the time being. I have little pet names for all of them until they get their official titles. Isn't he a cutey?  The larger pups are around 5 pounds. Its very tiring moving them in and out of their pen to clean and now they have to be carried down 6 stairs. Right now, I can do two at a time but pretty soon I will only be able to manage one.  That's when they'll get moved to the basement permanently unless, we get some nice weather over the Break and they can get some fresh air on my patio and then it will be up the stairs again... two by two.