Sunday, 29 June 2014

Loonies for Lindor Crop a Success!

Finally found a moment to update the Blog on the results of the Fundraising Crop that we held last Saturday. Thanks to the amazing support of family, friends and local businesses, we were able to raise $3200 plus a previously donated $300 for The Farley Foundation and our local All Breed Rescue.
Thanks also for the supplies that were donated at the Crop.
I will continue to post images and recipes and updates from the donations in the coming weeks.
The venue was so roomy and much more convenient for my hard-working helpers who came early morning to set-up and who spent countless hours prior to the Crop working on everything from card making to title cutting to veggie chopping. I couldn't do this without you, you are all amazing friends and I'm very happy to have you on my "team".
Everything ran very smoothly, at least from my end and my mind is already turning towards #5.