Sunday, 28 October 2012


The first of Lindor's puppies are completing Advanced training and are starting to be placed with their families as full service dogs. They are two years old tomorrow. Of course, I had to make up a small parcel to send out with them, some pictures of Mom, some Lindor chocolates, of course, and a treat or two for the puppies.

Eli and Ember have been placed with their forever families, Elvis and Charlie need a little more fine tuning before they begin their careers or are career changed to Post Traumatic Stress dogs or Companion animals for Special Needs children and adults.

Here's Eli, I called him Big Red as he was the largest of the E litter and a sweet, gentle pup.

From our first fund-raising crop, we made enough money to sponsor TWO puppies, Epcot from Lindor's E litter and Chester from Equoia's C litter. Kathryn donated her birthday money in lieu of gifts so she was able to name and sponsor a puppy. She came with me to Graduation so she could see for herself what a difference her thoughtfulness has played in the life of a deserving family.

Many years of success to the families that have a new friend in their lives.