Sunday, 2 June 2013

Friendship Bread

Well, I read the novel so I just had to make the starter and bake me up a few loaves of Friendship bread. A few years ago, someone had given me the starter and I remembered that the bread was delicious. Then, I discovered this book at the Public Library and my interest was renewed.
I kept it alive for 3 splits and sent it off to 6 friends and then sadly, I had to let it go. After a month of baking loaves every 10 days, it wasn't doing any wonders for my waistline and my friends were starting to run the other way when they saw me coming (just kidding). I DID stick a baggie of the starter in the freezer so if I feel the inclination, I can always start it up again. I never got a chance to bake up the 1000's of variations that you can make from the starter (there is a website that lists them all) since I really loved the original, cinnamon recipe. So delicious and with a light yeasty flavour.
Check it out.