Saturday, 16 January 2016

Time To Read

Well, I didn't do so well with my reading challenge last year. Disgraceful, I know. I didn't make it through 20  books and I used to LOVE to read. I'm blaming my IPAD. I spend most of my free time reading blogs and generally wasting time. (Thanks HAYDAY!) so this year, I have decided to get an earlier start and get reading, novels, the paper kind, not the electronic kind.

I received this book for my birthday and I wanted it to be the first book that I read in 2016 but after I started it, I realized that I wanted to savour and enjoy every page. It's not a book to read when you're half asleep or waiting for your dentist to call your name. So I'm saving this treasure for a long, leisurely day off.
I went through the stack of books that I have at home and started with What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity and I loved it. Interesting, not too deep, and some interesting human perspectives.
I liked it so much, I went to the Public Library and picked up the Husband's Secret (which I have read) and the Hypnotist's Love Story, which I just got today and can't wait to start.
And in case, I don't make it back to the library anytime soon, these are a few of the novels that I have lined up to read in 2016....
I have read Chronicles of Narnia but I think I will revisit it. January is a good month to purge the "stuff" and read a good book. Wish me luck. I'm aiming for 25 books this year.