Wednesday, 14 January 2015

14 in 14 recap

Well, I missed my regular 14 in 14 updates but I was still mindful of my goals as the year progressed. Some were successfully accomplished, others were not but life happens and I don't view it as a failure if I don't hit one of the targets. I feel by writing down some ideas I become more focused on some things that I would like to attempt as the year progresses.

So here's the overview and then it is on to a new year....
This adorable Chocolate lab was approved to compete in CKC shows as a purebred Lab. We competed in our first show in Woodstock in November. Boy, was I nervous but Lindor did brilliantly once we got underway. She scored 97 out of a possible 100 and we have completed our first leg in Novice A. She is a really smart dog and loves going out to practise.  I am now a member of CKC and we will be looking for our next show to compete in.

Terry Fox run
Started using Green bin
Hosted a major fundraiser (took up most of my free time)
Donated to several charities: The Farley Foundation, Kismutt Rescue, Autism Dog Services, Grand River All Breed Rescue, Danes in Distress
Tried several Pinterest recipes including this one for Browned Butter Chocolate Chip cookies in a cup

They were dry before I even baked them but tasty. I swear these people just PIN images from the Internet and don't actually try the items themselves.

I did some challenges but one of my favourite sites for digital stamps (Sassy Cheryl) decided to drop the Blog challenges and make a private Facebook page. I don't really understand this, isn't the point to have public access to your designs so everyone will buy your product? I do not have a Facebook account and likely never will.

Didn't get to:
Joining a Service Club (seriously, who would have time for that?)
Blood donation (too many colds)
Travel someplace new (well that didn't happen either)
Writing to World Vision child (pathetic, maybe this year)
Read 20 books (too much time on HayDay)
although I did finish the year reading this book recommended by my BFF and it was terrific.

Soon to be a movie, check it out.
I think that sums it up. Stay tuned for the 15 in 15. It's never to late to jump in.