Friday, 14 June 2013

13 in 13 May Update

I'm trying to get a little more caught up with my updates so one month doesn't blur into the next, but so far I'm not doing too well.
I HAVE been doing a lot of this....
.....yardwork, that is. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful, mature neighbourhood surrounded by foliage. But there is a fair bit of maintenance associated with keeping it looking good. You can see my friend here like to be involved and you can imagine that my house is never clean at this time of year. We've have had the weirdest weather, boiling hot to freezing cold and lots of rain.
I've also been attending a lot of sporting events. Lindor is wearing a Tae Kwon Doh medal (no, she didn't win it, my adorable nephew did) but we all had to model it. Does baseball or track and field count as a live performance? I actually attended the Jean and Classics Eagles tribute with the KW Symphony and saw a Junior performance of Willy Wonka at Galt Little Theater so I am able to check off one goal. DONE!

I'm chipping away at the afghan, just a couple more rows. I'm sending way more cards then I have in the past, I linked up to a challenge at least once a week on the Internet and I used my Cricut to make a wedding tag. I tried a couple recipes and I continued to take Lindor to Rally Obedience once a week.

Still not reading or using Wifi, no Heritage album yet and haven't redeemed all my loyalty points.
Stay tuned. Maybe June will let me cross another goal off the list.