Thursday, 25 July 2013

Corrina's Chicken Burritos

I had this delicious chicken dish one day when I was invited over for dinner to my friend Corrina's house. I think she invented this dish and it was so good. Later when I was invited to a cottage for a few days, I thought this would be the perfect dish to take. You can make it ahead and freeze it and it cooks up beautifully. Well, I ran out of time and not only did Corrina give me the recipe but she made the dish for me and I just had to pick it up. What a nice friend! I have since made this dish a few times for myself and I thought I would pass it along to you.

You can use a Burrito kit and a Rotissiere chicken to save time.
Fry up your onions and peppers.
Add shredded chicken and other ingredients.
Going into the oven. Didn't get a finished photo as I took this away with me.
Here's the recipe. Give it a try or if you're lucky, maybe you can get a friend to make it for you.

Corrina's Chicken Burritos
Fry up one onion and two peppers (any colour). Buy one roaster chicken, remove the skin and shred the meat.
Add to veggie mixture along with seasoning packet, water that is called for in the recipe and 2 Tbsp sour cream. Remove from heat.
Roll mixture into tortilla shells. Top with salsa mix and cheddar cheese (shredded). Maybe 2 cups or more if you like it cheesie. You could try the Tex Mex cheese too. I think that would be tasty.
Bake at 350F until it is heated through and cheese is bubbly. About 1/2 hour.