Thursday, 1 March 2012

Three Weeks Old

The puppies celebrated their 3 week birthday by having their first taste of mush. Puppy chow soaked in hot water with some moist canned mixed in and pureed. Sounds yummy!
I just put a little bit in a pie plate so they could try it and not gorge themselves ending up with a stomach ache. Some pups are very reluctant to try something other then Mom but most of the pups got "into" it.

I have a special puppy bowl that kind of prevents them climbing in and having a swim.  Sometimes it works better then others. Once they figure it out, they stay a little cleaner.
They really enjoyed their first solid food and seem to be digesting it. So far, so good.
 All the pups eyes are open and they're pretty steady on their feet. This weekend, they will get moved to a larger playpen and play area.