Wednesday, 6 March 2013

13 in 13 February Recap

So let's see how I did for the month of Feb. I did manage to use the Cricut for the world's smallest oval, I have completed some random acts of kindness (most of them involved baking but what's wrong with that?)

Lindor completed her Rally Novice one and did amazing on her final test. Most of the error was due to handler (that would be ME!) My chocolate girl is so smart.

I've continued my reading and I am still waiting for a big points redemption to arrive. I'm enjoying cooking from my various cookbooks and YEAH!!! I have been trying to link up regularly to Sassy Cheryl for her card challenges (LOVE her digi's!!) So I think I've done really well.

Still some room for improvement. I haven't been able to send a card yet. So strange when I make dozens of them. Maybe I'm too attached. LOL.
So here's the progress on the afghan starting with a WHO DUNIT?.....

Was this the culprit?? or was it this one....
All I know is I came downstairs and they were both having a ball playing tug of war so I don't know who got the yarn out of the bag. Regardless, I was able to accomplish THIS much on my afghan. I love crochet, so relaxing especially spending an hour trying to unravel the yarn.