Sunday, 10 June 2012


Yesterday's Loonies for Lindor Fundraising Crop for NSD was a HUGE success thanks to many wonderful contributors and friends. We will be able to sponsor several puppies with the funds that were raised.
Thanks to the donors both corporate and personal. Every contribution was appreciated. Our raffle table and door prizes were very popular. Please support the businesses that show their generosity to our cause.
To everyone who helped set up and lug those dreadfully heavy tables back to their spots. It was a horrible job and I appreciate everyone who came and stayed to help with it. There were many of you that stepped up to help and you are appreciated SO MUCH!
To my official photographer, Lori. I'm sure you will see some of her work on my blog in the days to come.
Thanks to my friends; Kathy and Liz for manning the Registration table and for staying all day to help with the raffle set-up and ticket sales.
Thanks to my young helpers; Kate and Claire for assisting with the raffle and sales.
Thank you, Keri for making all the adorable dipped pretzel ladybugs and yummy Cadbury cookies. They were gone in a flash as usual.
Thank you, Tammie and friends for the adorable purses and goodie bag and for picking up some great prizes for our raffle.
Noel, your ladybug sticks were so cute and your strawberry cake a show-stopper.
Anne Marie, as always, stepped up to help wherever it was needed.
Robin and Kathryn, the doggie paint cans for raffle were so adorable.
Corrina, I still can't believe you made all those neck warmers for me. It was a huge job and I never doubted you would finish them for a second.
Jenn,  friend and fellow NSD Breeder Caretaker, thank you for all your hard work preparing food and getting that fabulous meal together. The comments on the food speak to all your efforts. It was great.
My brother, Bob for the yummy ice cream treats. Those Triple Chocolate Drumsticks are delish!
Thank you to my sister-in-law, Lisa, who worked for several days baking and worked tirelessly on food prep and set-up and anything that was needed including coffee runs.
I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. To be honest, I can't even find my planning book at this moment.
ALL of you have helped make this Event so successful.
I'm off to walk the dogs and then I think I'll  read a good book. There's always tomorrow to finish the clean-up.