Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lions Dog Guides

My posts have been a little heavy on the dogs lately. I have been making some cards and working on some other stuff but it's pretty much dark when I leave for work and darkish when I get home so maybe now with the time change, I will have some time to get the items photographed.

Last weekend, the Lions Dog Guides hosted their bi-annual Open House in Oakville to showcase their programs and to allow the public to view their facility and of course, meet the stars of the show, puppies and dogs in training.

Dog Guides offer 6 programs;Canine Vision, Hearing Ear, Seizure Response, Service,
Autism Assistance and Diabetic Alert. It was very interesting to hear how the dogs are trained for the different programs. Did you know that there are breath donors for the Diabetic Alert dogs? People donate their breath when they have a blood sugar low and these are frozen and used to train the dogs to "alert".
Look at the tail wag on this Lab. They really love to work!
 We were greeted by Bev who is completely blind and her Yellow Lab. She is on her 7th Canine Vision dog. The dog was not working so he could enjoy lots of pets and praise from his visitors.
The poodles were adorable. Most likely heading towards a career in Hearing Ear. They were about 12 weeks old.
This little girl was looking for a foster home. Tempting but I think 2 is plenty for right now.