Saturday, 26 January 2013


That's my word for 2013. I tend to multi-task and flit from one project to the other. Otherwise, known as a procrastinator and a non or slow-completer of projects. So this year, I am going to be different. I am going to choose one project and stick with it. Or mostly.

FOCUS is also how I have been taught to train the dogs. If they are focused on you, the rest will follow.

I'm going to not load up everything I own in scrapbooking supplies everytime I go to a day crop but I will be organized and compact. I will read ONE book at a time. Or I will try. I am making good progress so far.
I have pulled out several projects that have been waiting for some attention and finishing them.
When I take classes, I never seem to actually complete everything so before I move forward, I have pulled them out and I am working on those also.

I rarely design my own things because I always feel I have "other" stuff to work on. I have found a couple challenge blogs that I am interested in and I hope this will help me to "FOCUS" on something specific that I want to create and get the ball rolling for 2013.