Sunday, 18 March 2012

More March Break Madness

The pups have caught a bug that they are passing back and forth so I never got a chance to finish my posting of the nephew's visit. Plus, I HAD to go down to see the youngest hockey star competing in his first game of the OMHA hockey finals in his division. It was a very exciting first game but unfortunately they lost this one. Better luck today.

So back to the puppies.....

Lindor is getting tired of feeding puppies especially with their sharp teeth but she's a good Mom and she soldiers on.

We also got a chance to bake and ice some sugar cookies when they were down. Over the Christmas Break, I was only able to get one nephew for a sleepover and make some cookies so we HAVE to keep things even and each have a turn at decorating cookies. They subscribe to the "more is more" philosophy. I made this delicious sugar cookies into dog bones for last year's Crop.

It's another beautiful day in Ontario so I'm off to take the pups outside. More posts to follow.