Saturday, 30 March 2013

Favourite Colour Combo

This week's challenge over at Sassy Cheryl's is Challenge 159; Favourite Colour Combo.
I tend to use teal and rose quite often when I colour and Sally Decorating Eggs was perfect for this Easter weekend.

The Copics I used for Sally were BG 11, 13 and 15 and R 83,85. Some of my favourites which I turn to time and again. I think Sally got a little too much sun on her face this weekend but we're not complaining.

Egg Hunt

As you can see, it was still a little snowy for our Egg Hunt which we celebrate on Good Friday but the kiddies LOVED it. Here's a few things I have learned over the years about running the perfect Hunt.
1. Hide the candy in plastic eggs. That way you can put in bulk candy and have a lot of variety and keep the items away from dogs and clean, no matter what the weather.

2. Assign each child a specific colour. Our family ranges from 2 to 11 so this way the younger children have a shot at getting to the eggs. Man-Man (2 years old) was assigned the colour GREEN and it was beyond adorable watching him go after "his" eggs. The left-over colours can be wild.

3.  As the children get older, they would much rather find money in the eggs, then candy. We still go the loonie, toonie route but maybe a bill in a GOLDEN egg would make it a lot more fun.

4. Take a Ziploc bag with each child's name on it to take their loot home afterward.

5. MAKE them put the plastic egg halves back together so you don't have to do it next year. Really, you'll thank me for this tip.
I enjoy putting together the Hunt every year with help from my Aunt Janet and the kids really enjoy it as too. Hope this gives you some ideas for your family gathering.