Thursday, 28 April 2016

Last of the Card Swap

So these are the final couple cards in the swap.
The colours don't do this card and envelope justice. They are actually a vibrant shade of turquoise. Janice always experiments with the latest techniques and trends. Washi tape, gold accents and watercolour. Such a cool technique...
And finally my card, which I confess, I totally scraplifted, but hey, its from the Blueprints so they are not done by people who are trying to be original...
I tried some heat embossing, some dry embossing(stars), some glitter paper and I even added a couple accents to the inside of the card.
It's interesting seeing all the different ideas that people come up with. It would be fun to give everyone the same materials and see what transpires. Hmmm! Not a bad idea.