Sunday, 28 June 2015

Two for One Challenge

I am halfway through my goal of completing the Monthly Challenge at Delightful Inspiration. It's been fun keeping up and every month since I do, I get a free digi.
This month, I decided to combine the weekly sketch with the Monthly challenge and here's what I came up with...
This is the newest little critter from Delightful Inspiration and his name is Prickles.
I had a bit of trouble finding a sentiment to go with Hello, but I think Have a Wonderful Day works pretty well.
This is the sketch that I based my card on...
I like to follow the sketches pretty closely. I'm not much of a designer but I'm a pretty good copier.
Hoping to have lots of time for my challenges as the holidays arrive.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Fundraiser Wrap Up

So, it's finally time to put the Fundraiser to rest for another year. We had a very successful outcome and here's why we put in the hundreds of hours that we did.
Helping families with special needs children and giving them the gift of a special furry friend for their comfort, companionship and safety.
Doug Chivas Executive Director of ADS

We really enjoyed the presentation that showed how these special dogs are used.

Thanks to everyone that helped out. Especially the youngsters that donated their own money and helped with our very special day.

Hope to see you all again soon!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Charity Crop Cont'd

Here's a closeup of one of the titles that were given to each participant.. Thanks Liz for all your time spent cutting and the team that helped assemble.
The lunch was a cold buffet with 5 salads. All the food is prepared from fresh ingredients. Lots of chopping and prepping the day before the event...
Thanks Lisa and Kathy for a very long day in the kitchen and Keri and Anne Marie for long hours of food prep...
This was one of the desserts that was served...
along with several individual jar desserts and a tray of baking...
This dessert was called Punch Bowl cake,, yellow cake, pineapple, coconut, cherry pie filling, whipped topping. YUM! But the star of the show was the Peanut Butter Oreo parfaits so I'll have to let you have the recipe for those in another post.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lindor Crop cont'd

Some more details from the Event.  Lori made the Welcome sign using the sunflower motif...
and Lisa made the adorable hanging sunflower balls...
Jenn made these amazing treats for our Bake Sale...
There was plenty of items available for purchase but I never seem to make enough tarts..

Loonies for Lindor Scrapbooking Charity Crop

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of the Event and getting ready to send out the final tally. There are still a few loose ends to tie up but we had an AMAZING day of scrapping and visiting and relaxing with our friends.82 participants attended. Our highest number to date.
I hope everyone enjoyed the goodie bags... sunflower seeds, a little pail filled with a tea light, chocolate covered Oreo and sunflowers to plant. Also everyone got a card and a title along with a neckwarmer.

These were all sewn by my friend Corrina. Imagine making 82 at a time? 
These are the cards that were randomly distributed, a nice variety thanks to additional designs by Robin and Keri.

The raffle table was incredible. Thank you to everyone who donated so generously.
So many wonderful prizes...
This year the theme was sunflowers and I was lucky to find these table favours...
We put some chocolate and candies on the top, what a perfect serving tray.
We sold the extra Oreos during the Bake Sale and Puzzle piece ones representing Autism Awareness..
Stay tuned for further updates!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Raffle prizes

Several packages of envelopes for the cardmakers in the group...
Thanks Carol and Cober Creative Solutions

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Raffle prizes

Here's another selection for the raffle table.... a whiskey sour cocktail kit and a $50 LCBO gift certificate.
Thanks Jessica and Nicole.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Raffle prizes

I have more raffle prizes then time to take photos and post.

Today's selection is from my talented sister-in-law who not only co-runs the kitchen at the event and does excellent baking but has also contributed 3 awesome knitted infinity scarves.  And I know for a fact that they are awesome because I got one for Christmas and wore it everyday during our long, cold winter.

This one is pure wool for all you cold blooded Canadians.
Thank you Lisa.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Raffle prizes

Are you enjoying the preview? I'm having so much fun as the items continue to come in.

Next up is a fabulous custom designed gift basket from Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese donated by Mirjam.  Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese are an Award winning family farm and business located near Woodstock.They use the milk from their own cows to produce several varieties of specialty cheeses including Tipsy and Five Brothers, just to name a couple.

We are so lucky to have such a rich farming heritage in this province.
I'd be happy just to take home the wooden serving platter it comes on. This lovely prize is valued over $75. Thank you very much, Mirjam, for your generous donation to our Crop.

It's the small touches...

Brilliant Shirley volunteered to do some napkins again in our theme. Isn't this just the best idea?
I love this embossing folder and never got around to using it for the cards, so I'm really happy that it got put to good use. Thanks again, Shirley.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Charity Crop

Production has been in full swing for the weekend and really for the last several months.
Here's a sampling of some of the cards that will be available for purchase...

This is my newest favourite image and card...
I can't remember if I posted this one before or not but I'm pretty fond of it also...
Less then a week to go.... mostly packed up and ready to go, just the baking and food to do and that will be last minute.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Loonies for Lindor Raffle Prizes

I tried 3 separate times to get decent photos of these quilts. They are so amazing. You will have to see them in person. Thank you very much, Shannon for all your hardwork putting these together for the Crop.
Yes, you are seeing right. It's the HOUSE MOUSE! My fav.
Also, another favourite theme. Of course, doggie prints...