Friday, 10 January 2014

13 in 13 Wrap Up

Ya, I know, I missed the November re-cap. The lead-up to the holidays was a blur as I'm sure it was for many people so my goals fell a bit short. And now that I'm ready to start posting and crafting again, I'm having trouble with my computer. Can't post any photos. So here's a quick re-cap of my 13 in 13.

I was well on my way to meeting my reading goal and then I never picked up a book once September hit.
I did very well in the live performances exceeding this goal by attending several including the Grand Ole Opry and a visit to Graceland although I don't think you can call that a "live" performance.
I completed 3, yes 3 afghans and am working on a 4th. I enjoy the relaxing time with a coffee and a couple rows of crochet.

I fell off with the monthly Cricut useage, but I think I sent a few more cards. Already this year, I have given away 4. I never donated blood, got as far as the appointment but didn't qualify at that moment so I'll have to try again. Got my IPAD from redeeming points and have learned a bit about how to use it but mostly play games and surf  Pinterest whilst laying on the couch.

Will continue to work on obedience with the dogs, that will be an on-going goal.
I made a lot of recipes but not so many from my paper cookbooks. Maybe it's time for them to go?
So that's it. Will re-visit some goals for my 14 in 14, and come up with some new ones once I get the technical difficulties sorted out.