Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year and a quick wrap up of 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I think last year I forgot to revisit my list so I wanted to give it some attention this year. While, these are not resolutions, they are items that I want to be mindful of as the year progresses. So here's my list from 2017 and how I did...

1. Learn to make a registration page. DONE! I did this for the Loonies for Lindor fundraiser and while it was pretty basic, it got the job done.

2. Complete Disney Album. FAIL! Barely got any scrapbooking done at all.
3.  Enter 4 challenges a month. FAIL! Although Keri and 1 completed our exchange every month so I consider that a victory.

4. Eat meatless once a week. Does fish count?
5.  Travel someplace I've never been. DONE! Several places out East including Truro and Halifax, Nova Scotia and Villages, Florida.
6.Work on Heritage Album. FAIL!
7. Volunteer. DONE!
I did lots of volunteer work and donated over $6000 to ADS.

8.  Make 100 cards to donate. DONE! This was accomplished for the L4L Fundraiser.

9. Make one new recipe and post. DONE! I never counted up but I'm pretty sure I got 12 recipes on the blog.

10.Learn 5 new things on Ipad. FAIL! I DID learn how to view Netflix on my IPAD but that's about it.

11. Drink more water and less Pop. DONE! Although I'm slipping back into my bad habit.

12.  Use the Silhouette to cut and print. FAIL! I took a class and never practised so now I can't remember how to do it.

13. Do 100 blog posts. FAIL! It's really time-consuming and now I've discovered Instagram.

14. Complete Intermediate title in Rally. DONE!
Well, we enjoy the classes and getting out for some new activity. Dog shows are expensive and quite boring and time-consuming plus my girl is turning 10 so this may be the end of the road for us.

15.  Use my GREEN BIN. DONE!  Big success here. My recycling and green binning is excellent these days.

16.  Make one meal a week using items from the freezer. FAIL! But I'm planning on getting a new fridge in 2018 so that may help with knowing what items are in need of being used. I do PUT a lot of stuff in the freezer. LOL.

17. Read 40 books. FAIL! Although I read some really good books(21) and it reminded me to go to the library more regularly. I finished the year with this one which I really liked...
So that's my wrap-up. Stayed tuned for 18 in 18.
Time to get out for a walk in the bitterly cold weather.