Sunday, 30 June 2013

13 in 13 June Update

So another month has come and gone. That was fast. So let's see how I did....
In the Random Acts of Kindness department, I did well. I picked up 4 boxes of freshly picked strawberries and gave away 3. I also gave the roofer next door a piece of pie and a couple cold drinks to enjoy on his break while he was busy working away at his job. Note from the sidebar, that I am finally on another book. I usually read a bit more in the summer so I hope to keep up on this goal.

I used the Cricut and wrapped up Obedience with Lindor. I sent more cards and am just working in the threads to COMPLETE my afghan.

I attended a blood donor appt and passed "inspection", then was unable to complete the task as I had had a recent immunization. I will re-book.

I'm falling a little behind on my weekly card challenges but hope to find some time to work ahead this summer between travel plans.

SO at the halfway point, I think I'm in good shape to complete the race.
Enjoy your long weekend and HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! What a great country we live in.