Saturday, 22 December 2012

Packaging Treats

Presentation is everything! That's what our mothers always told us so when I give away my candy and other Christmas goodies, I always like to put them in a cute package. The problem is when you do many for craft sales etc, it's difficult to come up with quick and cost effective solutions. Thank goodness for the Dollar store.
Here's some ideas that I used this past season....

I'm a sucker for anything with a clear display window. Aren't these adorable?

These held a dozen Snickerdoodles quite nicely.

These were perfect for fudge and nuts and bolts or you could use portion cups with snap-on lids for a less costly alternative.

Another quick and easy way to dress up some candy is with a doily folded over the plastic ziploc bag. I would have decorated this up a bit more but I made quite a few for my little Christmas sale so time was a factor.

I love it when my house looks like Santa's workshop but unfortunately I don't have any elves to help with the clean-up. Time to get organized and set up for the wrapping station. Hope you liked my ideas.