Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cake Raffle

You know how once you pick a theme, you seem to see it everywhere? I spotted an adorable ladybug cake pan and knew I had to have it. Way back when, I thought I would decorate cakes on the side and then I realized how much work it was and what a mess it makes in your kitchen. Anyway, I have resurrected my talent to make a couple of these for the Crop.

Maya thinks it looks pretty good, anyway.

I also did a golf bag cake for my Dad's birthday and golf tournament next weekend but you likely won't be seeing THIS cake again. It was really fussy and I had to mix a lot of colours but I think it turned out pretty good. Dad will eat it anyway and say it looks good cuz that's what Dad's do! 

Don't worry, I won't be serving stale baked goods at the Crop. These cakes freeze really well and I like to do most of the food preparation at the last minute so its as fresh as possible.