Friday, 9 August 2013

What's Bloomin'

We have had lots of rain this summer, quite a contrast from last year when the lawns were brown almost from the get-go. I have a few plants that have done really well that I wanted to showcase this week.
First, a gorgeous Hibiscus that I picked up from Costco. I had the worst time getting it to bloom. I guess it was drying out in the container and the buds were falling off but now that it's a little cooler it is showing off.
My Endless Summer Hydrangea. These do really well in my shaded yard and produce colour for a good portion of the summer. This one is a nice deep pink, very vibrant!

My friend Kathy and myself are having a contest to see who can get a successful rhubarb plant established. We both have shaded, root-filled properties with depleted topsoil. I dug out a few cedars in my front flower bed. What a job!
I threw in some topsoil and compost and I think I have found just the spot for my rhubarb. We'll see how it goes next spring.