Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lunch at the Crop

We try to make all the food for the Fundraiser at the last minute and most of it is freshly prepared from the cut up fruits and vegetables to the muffins and baking. I'm lucky I have a really great group of friends and relatives to help out. It takes a couple days to get just the food prepared. Thanks Keri, Anne Marie, Lisa and Kathy and all the girls who helped in the kitchen the day of the event. I hope I didn't leave anyone out, it was a very busy couple of days.
Of course, I like to do most of the baking and this year, we made a couple of cute desserts in mason jars. Carrot cake trifle with cream cheese whipped filling....
And delicious Oreo/Peanut Butter trifle....
Thanks Lori for taking all the great photographs. That wraps up the "big" event for another year.
Back to card-making and crafting and enjoying the DOG days of summer.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Embossed Napkins

Another kind-hearted friend volunteered to make 100 of these cute bookmarks for the goodie bags for the Crop.
Hilarious! She also embossed a whole stack of napkins in pawprints. I've never heard of that. What a clever idea and added such a nice touch to the dessert table. Thank you, Miss Shirley.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

More Table Favours

As mentioned in the previous post, the table favours related to the mason jar theme. I made about 50 jars of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies just before the fundraiser and my reliable worker, Anne Marie had already put together the tags and the baker's twine so all we had to do was add the fresh cookies. I had to do a few prototypes ahead of time, since I made my earlier cookies too large and they wouldn't fit through the jar opening so by the time the Crop rolled around, I knew exactly how large to roll them.
Here's the tag up close.....
The sentiment is from The Cutting Cafe and the downside was I had to run them through the computer one by one.
That was a LOT of cookies.
I also made 2 dozen of the layered cookie mix so some Crop participants were going to have to bake their own. Pretty simple though, just a couple ingredients and mix it up and your cookies are ready to bake.
The Mason jar theme was so fun to work with, there are hundreds of great ideas. I think everyone enjoyed their table favours.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mason Jar Lanterns

My youngest Fundraiser volunteer offered to make something using mason jars. She is such a creative and talented young lady, I was excited to see what she came up with.  She made these adorable tea light lanterns and even risked injury gluing the lights in the bottom of the jar so they wouldn't roll around. These ended up being table prizes along with the layered cookie mix and the fresh baked cookie jars. Well done, Taylor!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Crop Card Sale

I was so lucky to have many cards donated to the Crop card sale,which I was also able to take to work to sell. Here are a few of the featured cards that were lovingly coloured and designed by Tammie. Many of them had a dog theme which fit in well with our fundraising goals.
That one looks just like Farley.
So sweet and just like a patient Lab...
Thank you Tammie, for the hours of work that you put into producing these gorgeous cards. It was much appreciated.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dear Mrs. Robin

I noticed today that you decided to use my beautiful hanging fushcia as a new home for your nest.
Even though, they have finished their first bloom, you must know that I water them everyday.
Also, you should know that I have one of these...
AND one of these...
The blonde one especially likes to control the entire backyard and doesn't like intruders.
I'm going to suggest that you take your beautifully (and quickly) constructed home to one of the other MILLION shrubs or bushes in the neighbourhood, not 5 feet from my back door.
Good luck to you and the offspring.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lindor Crop Centerpieces

The mini-theme for this year's Crop was the mason jar. I'm lucky I had the extremely talented designer, Noel, offer to help with the centerpieces.She came up with the cutest idea, darling tissue paper flowers in our colours of turquoise and red with a burlap and pawprint wrap around the jars.
She hand-coloured 20 different images all with a doggie included and placed them on red and white bakery twine so they could be easily removed and converted to a card or used in a layout.
Several lucky ladies were able to take home these works of art if they found a special tag under their chair at the Crop.
Thank you, Noel for all your hours of hardwork. These centerpieces were gorgeous!