Monday, 27 February 2017

From the Heart Stamps Monthly Challenge

I am so happy that Faith is continuing to recover and my favourite challenge site is back up again. I really want to show my support and what better way then to hop back in on the progressive montly challenge. If you enter the challenge then the next month you are sent the next image for free. It's a win-win.

Here's the first challenge of 2017...
I didn't get a card done for Valentine's day but the image came without the candy treat as well. I was thinking I could have put flowers or something in his hand/hoof but as the challenge ends tomorrow, I thought I'd better just get it done and here is the card I came up with....
The background paper is so cute.. it reads, Quack, Oink, Cluck etc. Already looking forward to next month. And wishing Faith prayers for a continued recovery.

I'm also going to link up to Little Red Wagon because their challenge this week is DOWN ON THE FARM.