Wednesday, 6 March 2019


I always enjoy reading other people's confessions so I thought I would do a post of my own.

1. I love the Public Library. I can't believe such a great resource is free to all and I always have a bunch of books on hold. Unfortunately they always seem to come in at the same time and it results in a pile like this... (some of the books are from my personal TBR collection)
2. Leading me to my second confession. Instead of reading in my spare time, I have watched every episode of Bondi Rescue on Netflix.  Abs and accents. Enough said.
3. Bath and Body Works soaps are my guilty pleasure. I got a little carried away at the last sale and I have 16 stockpiled as well as one in all 3 bathrooms and kitchen. (Merry Cookie is my favourite winter fragrance)
4.  When I buy something new, I don't use it right away. Not sure why. Basically I think I don't like change or I'm afraid it won't work out. Case in point. My new Pickle ball paddle. Still in the wrapping even though I've played several times with a borrowed paddle.
5. I have a hard time completing projects or at least throwing away projects I no longer have an interest in. I always think I will get back to them..

6. I knit almost everyday. Usually just dishcloths because they are easy and I don't have to think about a pattern.  I find it very relaxing.
So there you have it. My confessions.