Friday, 10 February 2017

Card Swap

Here's the remaining 3 cards in the Swap. We exchanged a total of 7 cards. Nice to have some variety in the "send some day" file....
Whaaat? Two items for the price of one. A shaker card AND a gift card holder! I haven't attempted a shaker card yet. They are fussy to be sure so to do more then one for a Swap is a big effort in my eyes.
Followed by a "design your own" background paper. I need to step up my game.
So my card illustrates the white on white phase that I'm going through. I used 2 background stamps; the Grunge stamp from Stampin' Up and a Splatter stamp and sentiment  from Your Next Stamp. I popped up the front flower and it actually looks very pleasing in person. At least I think so. And that wraps up the Card Swap from 2016.