Saturday, 25 February 2012

Two Weeks, Three Days

Puppies and Mom are doing well. We are always happy when we make it to 3 weeks because then we can start with real food and it takes the burden off of Mom.

The puppies have to double-decker now to get to the good stuff.

They go in from all angles hoping to get to their favourite location. The best milk is at the back, don't you know? 

Too bad the photo is a little unfocused. If you look really closely, you can see the puppy on the right has one eye open. It is still filmy but their vision is starting to improve.

They are starting to interact a little with each other. But mostly they just like to snuggle up with their brothers and sisters and sleep.  My nephew, Aiden won the little contest that we had to guess when they would be born. He guessed 8 puppies on the 8th which was absolutely correct. She had the 1st puppy on the 7th. So A-Mac gets to name a puppy. I'll keep you posted on his choices. Remember, they will start with the letter K.