Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Long Weekend

It was really nice to have an extra day this past weekend. I am getting lots done, there are many details to take care of for the upcoming charity Crop but its all starting to come together.
I was able to spend some time (like everyday) at the KW Kennel Club Dog Show at the Auditorium.

It was so interesting to see all the different breeds of dogs and it really opened my eyes up to the world of showing. It's especially nice when you know someone that is competing in the show. I was able to watch this cutie go through her paces on both Saturday and Sunday. Miss Libby; the chocolate girl did a great job in the ring. She is posing with her protege, a little yellow male from the States that was brought up as a prospective breeder. It (almost) makes me want another pup.

I am quite content though, with my Lindor. We are still going to Rally Obedience classes regularly, I have obtained her clearance to compete in Canadian Kennel Club so with a little more practise, we will be ready to go in the Fall.
Of course, there was plenty of yardwork and my faithful Doodle thought she would help out by laying on my newly seeded soil (and then coming into the house on my freshly washed floors) Oh well. Such is the life of a dog owner.