Tuesday, 22 July 2014

More Table Favours

As mentioned in the previous post, the table favours related to the mason jar theme. I made about 50 jars of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies just before the fundraiser and my reliable worker, Anne Marie had already put together the tags and the baker's twine so all we had to do was add the fresh cookies. I had to do a few prototypes ahead of time, since I made my earlier cookies too large and they wouldn't fit through the jar opening so by the time the Crop rolled around, I knew exactly how large to roll them.
Here's the tag up close.....
The sentiment is from The Cutting Cafe and the downside was I had to run them through the computer one by one.
That was a LOT of cookies.
I also made 2 dozen of the layered cookie mix so some Crop participants were going to have to bake their own. Pretty simple though, just a couple ingredients and mix it up and your cookies are ready to bake.
The Mason jar theme was so fun to work with, there are hundreds of great ideas. I think everyone enjoyed their table favours.