Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Farley Foundation

One of the charities that I have selected to support through this year's Scrapbooking Crop is The Farley Foundation. This Foundation, in addition to having the cutest mascot ever! (Farley from the comic strip For Better or Worse) provides funding to help people in need pay their Vet bills.

The funds are made available to Veterinarians to dispense to those who fit the following criteria:
Seniors, Disabled Individuals, Ontario Works recipients, Senior Care Facilities and the OVMA Safe Pet Program (women at risk of abuse who are entering shelters)

For many of these individuals, pets play a vital role in their lives and the cost of proper vet care can be prohibitive. I can attest to the cost of keeping pets as I recently took both dogs in for their routine care and was quite shocked at the total for 2. I know my Vet, as well as many others will make allowances for charitable work and this fund can allow them to assist many more.