Saturday, 2 May 2015

Danes In Distress

Don't ask me why I am getting ready to attend the Daneathon tomorrow? It's a huge gathering of Great Danes, all running and frolicking together off leash. I don't really know anyone with a Great Dane, nor have I ever really known one personally but I think I've always harboured a secret wish to have one. I think because their splashy coat colours reminded me of my favourite Dalmation or maybe it is the adorable Marmaduke or Scooby Doo from childhood cartoons.

Danes in Distress is a local Rescue that helps to recover and re-home abandoned and unwanted Great Danes in Ontario. They seem like a nice group of people and they are crazy about their dogs.
Sooooo, I put together a nice basket for their raffle table, made them some doggie/Dane greeting cards and baked up some yummy cookies and tarts. It is supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a nice hike and an afternoon with my friends, both furry and otherwise.