Tuesday, 21 May 2013

13 in 13 April Update

Well, it's getting a little later in the month each time I do my update. Soon, I'll be a month behind if I don't catch up. It's been a busy month. The nicer weather is here, seems like there is lots to do and see. So how did I do? The goals seem to cycle up and down, one picks up and another drops off. I haven't been reading at all, what happened there? But I'm still chipping away at the afghan, working on my challenges, taking Lindor to Rally Classes.

I managed to use the Cricut TWICE! Once for the Mother's Day gift tags for the caramel corn and for this card. I think I used Base Camp to cut out the numbers.
I don't know why I settled on 29, cuz I don't know anyone in that ballpark but I thought it would be a good age to be stuck on. The card is a departure for me from my usual image colouring. Love the plaids and the coordinating papers.

I went to a couple live performances. Does baseball count? I saw the Toronto Blue Jays (they won), haven't been there in years. It was a fun night. Also saw David Wilcox, a kinda famous, Canadian Blues musician. SO there you go!

I made a few new recipes but I didn't use a cookbook. I hope to start my Heritage album this summer. Still working on the WIFI and other goals.

That's the update!