Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Donation to Kismutt Animal Rescue

I was able to make a trip over to Kismutt Rescue, St. Marys to drop off the donations from the Fundraiser as well as a few other items that I had collected. Kim was very appreciative of the donations that came in, especially the bleach and other household items. The kennel is always kept impeccably and it requires much diligence and they go through the supplies very quickly. Especially with Mill dogs who are not house trained and have spent most of their lives in cages.
We had so many items that we needed to use a wagon and make several trips.
Kismutt had just saved a couple of sweet pugs from a life of confinement. After only a couple of days, they were happy to have some cuddles and pets before we had to go on our way.
It is so nice to see first hand, how much appreciated the donations are and that they are being put to good use. Thanks to our amazing Fundraising Crop, we were also able to give a cash donation to this Rescue. Makes all the hard work worth it.

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Janet Roberts said...

That's amazing that you were able to donate so many supplies. I'm sure the Rescue really appreciates it.Makes it all worthwhile.