Monday, 8 January 2018

Saran Ball Game

I wanted to come up with a game to play on New Year's Eve/14th birthday and I had been eyeing this Pinterest post for some time. When I decided to embark upon it I called my fellow game enthusiast Robin and of course, she was going to play it too for her Christmas gathering.
It was fun bouncing ideas back and forth and getting and giving tips. It could have been a huge expensive flop without some valuable tips that we learned.
Step One - Gather a number of small items to use for the game. I started collecting really small items then realized I could also wrap larger ones like toothbrushes. I used about 3 times the number of items you see in this photo. Anything from candy to gloves, bandages, toonies, gift card, lock de-icer, shampoo samples. You get the idea.

Step Two - Place the most valuable item in the middle (I used a Tim's card) and start wrapping. You can make the strip long or short. The shorter it is the more time it takes. Also IMPORTANT! Wrap all or most of your items in saran wrap first. You can even tape the end to make it a little trickier. This helps it stick to outer wrapping and also slows the game down. Just keep wrapping, after every one or two items, cut the wrap and start again. You could even add the odd piece of tape here.
I put a start so they could see the begining, but you could leave this out. The first person starts to unwrap while the person beside them rolls the dice. It was suggested that the ball gets passed when doubles are rolled but that was taking for ever so we just did first 6. Then the ball is passed and the next person in the circle starts rolling for a 6. You get the idea. The person unwrapping must also unwrap their item before they can continue unrolling the ball.

Step Three- If the items you won weren't suitable you could have a trade off. We had so much fun as the ball got down to the grand prize. It was hilarious. You'd think there was a bar of gold at the centre.

So give this a try at your next family event. It's a little costly with the item purchase but this could replace stockings at Christmas etc. It didn't use as much saran as I thought. I bought 2 club pack sized rolls and only used about half of one.

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