Sunday, 11 October 2015

Polishing the Silver

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm happy that many family members are travelling to enjoy a meal and some fellowship here today. I feel that all the preparation has gone so smoothly. I used to be so tired and grouchy putting on the meal, now I try and prep everything ahead so I have time to visit and I'm in a good mood. LOL!
One of the jobs that I like to do ahead of time is polish the silver. While many people no longer use real silverware, I inherited my Mom's and I like to pull it out for special occasions. This was my job growing up as well as ripping the bread for the stuffing. I got my training started early and I'm so glad that I had such a wonderful teacher.
I also pull out the good china. The pattern is Cornflower and even though it isn't too fall-like, its been in our family for many years and our house growing up was always open and welcome to dinner guests on a regular basis. There are always good memories when I get to pull out these special reminders of family.
 Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal but especially take the time to enjoy your guests as well.

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